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The Office of Space Planning & Management facilitates effective space allocation decision-making at all levels of the University administration and within academic departments and administrative units.

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Website Highlights

  • If you have questions regarding basic building information, such as building name, number or address, you can access all of that information via the Campus Map. It's a wonderful resource and we hope you will find it useful.

  • If you have questions regarding the various types of campus codes, i.e. location codes & delivery codes, you should check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, where we give you a thumbnail sketch for such codes. Feel free to contact us if your questions are not answered.

  • If you require a complete building list, use this online form for viewing or downloading the official record of University buildings.

  • If you need to Request Space Inventory and Utilization Info for your department, please fill out this request form, and, upon employment verification, we will email you an Excel spreadsheet of your departmental holdings.

  • For information on planning a move, check out our Moving Resources page. It's a great place to start.

  • If you can't find what you're looking for on our page, be sure to check out our Additional Resources page.